Focus on doing the best toilet seat, smart toilet seat and smart toilet. To become the most reliable and professional OEM/ODM/IDM supplier for the top bathroom brands!
Hoti Group always sticks to the mission, “For service and quality, we do!”. After more than 12 years of development, Hoti has now obtained over 100 domestic invention patents, and many overseas inventions and utility patents in German, France and Great Britain. It has become the most reliable and professional strategic partner for the top bathroom brands all over the world.
Hoti Group Lab is built based on the DIN standard, and has a perfect quality assurance system for quality, safety and environment, and has national-level certification laboratories:CSA, CNAS, IAPMO, and a sound global product certification system.
Hoti Group is an automated, intelligent facility equipped company, has always committed to the mission that build the most advanced automated toilet seat factory. Hoti Group has fully utilized the advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment, combing with the IT system ERP, MES and etc. Hoti’s new manufacturing plants is planned to be built based on the Industry 4.0 so to establish the intelligent benchmark manufacturer in the sanitary industry.
We provide professional and systematic OEM/ODM services for world-wide famous sanitary ware brands.

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